Every now and then I find myself waking up in a cold sweat- I think I’m still sleeping in Zuccotti Park, the chants of the 99% fresh in my head. I’m ready to do battle with the Forces of EVIL via my PC screen, and the creation of this book. So here is another page from the ‘DRAW OCCUPY WALL STREET’ artbook by BOULET. The photo of me walking under the Wall Street MTS sign was taken by the great photographer, Charles Meacham . Be sure to check out his website. Photos are uploaded daily.           

Draw Occupy Wall Street

Well I’ve settled on a name for the book.. For now. “Draw Occupy Wall Street”. I’ve been working hard on this book since I got back from New York City in late November 2011. Almost none stop. The rough draft of the book is sitting fat at 120 pages! Wow. Thats a real book, but what else did you expect from Boulet? I love you. 

The People of Occupy Wall Street



I visited the Occupy Wall Street movement Oct 19th thru late Nov. I filled up a  sketchbook with drawings of what I saw, who I talked to, and my experiences. I am currently assembling all of this into a book. I want it to be beautiful. Here is the drawing in the header.  

Boulet's first drawing of the Revolution.